I'm so happy you are interested in joining the #UNKNOWNofCOURSE

This course is about remembering how to LISTEN TO THE WISDOM OF OUR BODY and to LET THE BODY LEAD

We will go on 40 day journey together applying techniques from the Kundalini Yoga teachings that are said to support us in giving the authority of the mind back to THE SOUL 

During this experience we aim to increase our capacity to meet life and all parts of ourselves AS THEY ARE by pausing and paying attention with non-judgmental awareness to what is going on IN THE BODY

And when we notice something uncomfortable we will practice shifting our attention to what does feel SAFE and WHOLE in our bodies. And from here, from this more EXPANDED AWARENESS, rather than pushing the experience and parts of ourselves away we turn towards them and we WELCOME THEM

We practice meeting life just as it is, IN THE BODY

We practice paying attention to feelings, thoughts and reactions that will inevitable arise in our every day life as human beings.

And instead of acting out of them we will practice PAUSING and turnning towards them with compassionate ACCEPTANCE and CURIOSITY

It’s a journey of SELF-ACCEPTANCE where we will practice a way of BEING WITH our own thoughts and feelings in the present moment and to NOTICE HOW ALL OF THAT IMPACTS OUR BODY

Where we will intend to increase our capacity to BRING HOME ALL PARTS OF OURSELVES 

The intention of this course is to RECONNECT WITH THE DEPTHS OF BEING by practicing:

Letting go of figuring out what to do


Slowing down

Dropping into the body


Giving the body space to let us know what’s needed

Listening to that body wisdom as it speaks to us

And from there, allowing something to unfold

Kundalini Yoga and this course is about EXPLORING YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE, IN YOUR BODY

The #UNKNOWNofCOURSE will NOT give you instructions on how to live your life BUT WILL REMIND YOU TO LET YOUR TRUE SELF GUIDE YOU

So the invitation in this course is to not just take what I or these teachings say to be true but to let it inspire you to KEEP LOOKING WITHIN  to see WHAT IS ACTUALLY TRUE FOR YOU




You will be invited to do Kundalini Yoga for about 15-30 minutes daily (you will get a video and audio to follow along)

Including a:

9 minute long Kriya for Conquering one’s imagined disabilities 
And a 3 minute meditation to connect with the Self-sensory system

You will also get all the information you need to start practicing Kundalini Yoga if you have never tried it before


Weekly guided audios assisting you back into connection with your body. These will be short meditations/practices that you can use throughout the day

Weekly FB live with the intention to inspire you to keep practicing

Access to a FB group + private messenger support

You will be able to download the practice material for easier use and so that you can keep using them after the course ends 


PAYMENT & REGISTRATION (There's no date yet for the next live round but if you fill in your details below I'll keep you updated)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at info@teranidhan.com

LOVE/ Titti

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